Brian Schwalb For DC Attorney General

We Must Tackle the Root Causes Of Crime

We have a system in the District that allows us to seek justice and provide the resources necessary for all Washingtonians, wherever they live, to live safely and independently. It starts with the Office of the Attorney General, which is critical to just about every aspect of our lives — from the safety of our neighborhoods to the sanctity of our democracy.

But this system is often brought to a screeching halt by political gridlock, impeding the real work from getting done to address, reduce and prevent crime. There is no quick or easy short term-solution to crime, but there are actionable steps we can take right now to make our city a more just, equitable, kind, and safe place.

Our city needs a results-driven leader — free from political rhetoric and pandering — who can make sure the law works for all, while fairly, impartially, and effectively enforcing those laws for a safer District. I am fighting for that safer DC, here and now.


Delivering Actionable Results on Crime

6-Point Crime Reduction & Neighborhood Safety Action Plan

As your Attorney General, I will use the power of the law to deploy a comprehensive crime reduction and neighborhood safety strategy.  The six pillars of that strategy are:

Hold Violent and Repeat Offenders Accountable

  • Ensure swift, certain, fair adjudication and meaningful consequences
  • Coordinate with MPD and other law enforcement agencies to close cases with admissible, constitutionally-acquired evidence
  • Tailor recommended consequences based on specific circumstances, including why offense was committed, whether it was a violent or repeat offense, and what harm was caused

Commit to Community Policing and Co-Response Teams

  • Focus on partnering MPD with co-response teams (substance abuse professionals, mental health professionals, domestic violence experts, etc.) and enhance current 911/311 systems to ensure dispatchers are trained to send appropriate response teams based on the nature of the crisis or call
  • Require greater data transparency from MPD
  • Build productive, reciprocal relationships between MPD officers and youth, community organizations, and schools

Address Root Causes of Crime

  • Commit resources to provide children with social/emotional learning and dispute resolution skills
  • Provide mental health counseling and resources to address cycles of trauma
  • Expand opportunities (OST, Vocational Education, summer camps, athletics, and arts) for children to discover and pursue their talents, and provide resources to parents and caregivers
  • Ensure economic options and pathways to building equity, including meaningful workforce development, access to credit/capital, support for returning citizens, and opportunities for home and business ownership
  • Remain committed to juvenile justice reform and data-based, evidence-driven programs including pre-arrest diversion, ACE, ATTEND, and restorative justice programs
  • Advocate for passage of Redefinition of Child Amendment Act

Build On and Improve Violence Interruption and Prevention

  • Expansion of Cure the Streets (CTS) and credible messenger programs based on rigorous analysis of data and thorough evaluation of current models
  • Focus on improved administration of violence interruption programs, including enhanced support of trained professionals, guidance counselors, and trusted adults in schools
  • Identify effective environmental changes (e.g., lighting and cameras), address blighted and neglected properties, expand hospital intervention programs and investigate alternative rehabilitation models

Reduce Availability of Illegal Guns

  • Work closely with federal (USAO, ATF) and state (MD, VA) authorities to identify and stop the flow of illegal guns into DC; coordinate with State AGs across the country to address internet and “ghost” guns
  • File and litigate civil lawsuits against gun manufacturers/sellers
  • Improve public education on benefits of gun permitting, licensing, and training

Minimize Traffic Violence

  • Collaborate with Mayor and DC agencies (e.g., DOT, DOEE, DPW) to enhance traffic safety through “4 Es”: enforcement, education, engineering, equity
  • Aggressively enforce traffic laws against repeat speeders and hazardous drivers, including advocating for legislation that would expand liability for owners of vehicles driving recklessly
  • Coordinate with MD and VA authorities for reciprocal enforcement of traffic violations and speeding tickets
  • Advocate to amend the Clean Hands Statute

Meet Brian

Father. Lawyer. Candidate.

I see a Washington with abundant resources and limitless promise. I also see a Washington where those resources and that promise are not shared equitably by everyone.

We must use the law to ensure that our city is a place where all people can afford to live, work and raise their families; a place where people can create jobs and build wealth; a place where everyone is safe from gun violence, environmental hazards, discrimination and hate; a place where democratic values are protected and celebrated; and a place where our collective prosperity is shared by every resident.

As Attorney General, I will work tirelessly to make that vision a reality for all District residents.

Why Brian?

Fighting For A Better Washington DC

I believe that, when the law is put to work for the people, it is the most powerful tool we have to make our city and world a more just, equitable, kind, and safe place.

As your Attorney General, I pledge to use all the tools of the office to ensure every resident — adult and child — gets a fair chance and a real opportunity to succeed. I will call on my decades of experience to recruit, train, retain and lead the hundreds of talented legal professionals that are part of the OAG team.

Leveraging my depth and breadth of legal experience, I am deeply committed to using the Office of the Attorney General — the people’s law firm — to protect your rights, improve your life, and be on your side.

Former Ag Irv Nathan Endorses Brian Schwalb

“Brian will be an Attorney General who protects our families and children, our environment, our neighborhoods, our housing, our civil rights, our tax dollars, our small businesses, our wage-earners, our democratic values and our most vulnerable neighbors.

He will bring a calm and steady dedication to working collaboratively and effectively with those who have the same goals for the District. He will do it because he cares about his home, the District of Columbia, and his neighborsall the city’s residents who also call this city home.”

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Brian Schwalb
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